Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I have been using this totally FREE internet-based messaging service since 2008 & I love it!!
No more being bothered with phone calls that I don`t want to answer. I can check faxes and voice mail in one location--- my computer!!!
I was provided with my own private U.S. phone number, I give it out to whoever I choose. k7`s messenger forwards voice mail and faxes right to my email account as attachments, pretty kwl. I can access messages while reading emails or I can go to the k7 site and retrieve them. Messages are saved for 7 days on the k7 site, which stores 20 messages.

It`s easy to set up an account, no home or cell number needed, no charges of any kind.
It`s free!!!

you can check out k7 at ""


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