Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Forward anything

What is forwardOn?
forwardOn is a fun social network where friends stay connected by sharing their sense of humor.
How do I share anything on forwardOn?
You can share anything on forwardOn (videos, pictures, jokes, and more) by simply emailing it to share@forwardon.com. Thats It.
Anything you email is instantly posted on your page for your friends to view, rate, comment and more.
What can I share on forwardOn?
You can share anything by simply attaching it to your email, inclduing
1. Videos (including links to YouTube videos)
2. Pictures
3. Jokes
4. Audio
5. Files (Word docs, Powerpoints, and more)
forwardOn automatically cleans up your content and displays it in a cool format. For e.g. videos are displayed in video player, files are displayer in a file viewer, etc.
Is it Free?
Absolutely. forwardOn is completely FREE.
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