My Opinions

Dessert Delights

It`s sugarless gum, that comes in a dessert flavor. The one I tried was Strawberry Shortcake. Wow!! Tastes just like the real thing. Flavor lasts a long time.
There are 15 sticks to a pack, the package is thin enough to fit into a pocket, so it can be carried easily.

Will be buying more, maybe in one of the other flavors that are available.


SlimFast Bar

I received this as a sample from Walmart. Now I`m not on a diet nor am I going on a diet, but boy do these taste good!! The sample I got was Peanut Butter Crunch
Time. Bet you can`t guess what kind of candy bar it tastes like....Give up??? A Butterfingers. Would I purchase these anyways, you bet, you`d never know they were diet food.
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