Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I have been using this totally FREE internet-based messaging service since 2008 & I love it!!
No more being bothered with phone calls that I don`t want to answer. I can check faxes and voice mail in one location--- my computer!!!
I was provided with my own private U.S. phone number, I give it out to whoever I choose. k7`s messenger forwards voice mail and faxes right to my email account as attachments, pretty kwl. I can access messages while reading emails or I can go to the k7 site and retrieve them. Messages are saved for 7 days on the k7 site, which stores 20 messages.

It`s easy to set up an account, no home or cell number needed, no charges of any kind.
It`s free!!!

you can check out k7 at ""

The Duchess Goes Shopping

I put on my best dress, hat and gloves (no lady leaves her estate without them), awaited my carriage (hurry hurry, its cold out here!!). Said carriage arrives, I step in, and we`re off down the lane to our local Walmart.

As I saunter in the door, a nice gentleman offers me a cart, what a doll. My first stop is in the Women`s unmentionables department. To my delight I find a Christmas nightgown marked down to $1.00 (guess where that will be put, your right, Christmas stash box for next year. Next, I wander over to the handbags, found a nice patent black bag clearanced to $9.00 not bad, was roomy enough for me.
Decided to check out the Baby department, well, well, well...lots of cute clothes for the wee one at $3.00 apiece. Pants, shirts, jammies, literally to manay to choose from.

On my way to the checkout I snagged some single Reeses Big Cup for .50c.
I will be keeping an eye on those clearance racks, love saving my fortune (lol).

Monday, February 14, 2011


Have you seen the newest nail art?

Broadway Nails has just come out with their NEW CELEBRITY Style Stick-On Wraps.
Gold w/cheetah spots and Silver w/snake scales looks. (These are just my impression of what the design is)

What is the cost for this simple & easy manicure??? Why, they are just $5.99, for a set of 28 foil wraps. Great price!!!

Each set comes with 28 stick on foil wraps and a nail file/smoother.
Peel off foil, apply to clean, dry nails. Smooth them out, file any excess. Apply a topcoat (brush a bit under nail tips to seal).

In less than 30 mins. your manicure is complete.
Fun and stylish for any occasion. Professional looking, without the expensive
salon/spa price.

I am a Broadway Nails Ambassador & received products to try

Coffee Mate Creamer Game Party Recap

Last week Friday, February 4th, was Free Flavor Friday.

I was sent a party pack to throw a Game Coffee Mate Party.
My party kit contained Poker cards, chips in a very nice case & Cranium game.
16 coupons for Free Coffee Mate Creamer, coffee samples, napkins & cups, coffee mate creamer samples.

We all had a blast playing the included games plus some family favorites. Coffee & a lil dessert was enjoyed by all.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

First Mission

Well I received my items from BROADWAY Nails, so that I can do our first mission.
This should be really fun, the girls can`t wait. We get to try out some nail wraps
in Gold which look to me like leopard and Silver ones.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Chinese New Year!!!!

Today is Chinese New Year: It`s the Year of the Rabbit

So to celebrate, our family is going to have egg rolls & shrimp/crab stir fry. Of course we`ll try using chopsticks & laughing uproariously because none of us can figure the dang things out. Yep, we`re not Chinese, but we like the food.

Come join the fun, you won`t be disappointed.
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