Lil Tidbits

Cuddle Up Day
Doesn`t this sound like a nice idea??....Grab your blankie & cuddle up with your someone special <3

It`s National Bird Day, let`s thank the Eagle for being  our proud Nation`s bird. Also take a moment of silence for the 5,000+ birds that have perished in Arkansas. Sad when you cannot hear a bird chirpping & singing.

  Sjo put out a suet cake or fill the birdfeeders  and let`s enjoy  our feathered friends!!

Today 1/13 is Make Your Dreams Come True Day.....I need a ton of miracles to make my dreams come true

Today 2/9 is Toothache Day, hmmmmm I don`t have a toothache nor do I want one loll.

2/15 National Gumdrop Day

2/20 Love Your Pet Day

 In honor of National Pound Cake Day 3/4, I made a pound cake and served it with strawberries & whipped topping. Yummyyyy!!!!!

Green Tea Protects Ovaries

Its Stay out of the Sun Day.. If you must be out, be sure to use Sunscreen!!!

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