Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Duchess Goes Shopping

I put on my best dress, hat and gloves (no lady leaves her estate without them), awaited my carriage (hurry hurry, its cold out here!!). Said carriage arrives, I step in, and we`re off down the lane to our local Walmart.

As I saunter in the door, a nice gentleman offers me a cart, what a doll. My first stop is in the Women`s unmentionables department. To my delight I find a Christmas nightgown marked down to $1.00 (guess where that will be put, your right, Christmas stash box for next year. Next, I wander over to the handbags, found a nice patent black bag clearanced to $9.00 not bad, was roomy enough for me.
Decided to check out the Baby department, well, well, well...lots of cute clothes for the wee one at $3.00 apiece. Pants, shirts, jammies, literally to manay to choose from.

On my way to the checkout I snagged some single Reeses Big Cup for .50c.
I will be keeping an eye on those clearance racks, love saving my fortune (lol).


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