Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Shadow Pack Review

I received a copy of the book from the Author. All opinions are 100% my own.

Book Description (taken from Amazon)   With 300 pounds of muscle and the ability to turn into a beast fierce enough to make a T-Rex run for the nearest tar pit waving its tiny arms, Michael Biörn is hardly defenseless. But after spending the better part of his life running from the ghosts of his past, Michael knows only too well that being a top predator is of little use when you are your own worst nightmare. 

When he answers an old friend's call for help, Michael quickly finds himself waist deep in a murder investigation where werewolves, the Russian mob, and a strange drug all collide. Assisted by a cute journalist and a wizard of the second circle, Michael sets out to unearth the true motivations behind the assassinations. But bodies tend to pile up rapidly around Michael, and he soon becomes a suspect in the eyes of the cops. On the plus side, the police are the least of his concerns, for the werewolves have uncovered his true nature, and they are coming for him. 

About the Author(taken from Amazon)  Marc Daniel is the author of Shadow Pack, an urban fantasy novel and first book of the Michael Biörn series. After spending significant amount of time in Ohio, France, and Montana, Marc is currently living in Texas where he writes as a full time hobby. Marc developed a taste for mystery novels very young, and was definitely hooked to the genre by age 11 after reading Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None. The Queen of Crime's unparalleled talent for mystery has had a strong influence on Marc’s desire to write and this is reflected in his novels. His taste for science fiction literature came a couple years later after stumbling upon The Dreaming Jewls by Theodore Sturgeon. Simak, Asimov, Van Vogt, Zimmer Bradley, Wells, Bradburry followed in short order. Marc was 18 when he read Frank Herbert’s Dune, his first space opera, and was immediately fascinated by the genre. He spent the next few years reading Space opera sagas almost exclusively (Herbert, Anderson, Bordage, etc) with the exception of the occasional Agatha Christie. He discovered fantasy much later at age 25 with Tolkien’s Lord Of The Rings trilogy. In the years following, his reading started gravitating more and more towards this literary style. Surprisingly enough, it took Marc another eight years to read his first urban fantasy, Patricia Brigg’s Moon Called, and to realize he wanted more. Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files series partially tamed his appetite but his thirst could only be quenched by writing his own series. A year later, Shadow Pack was born. Marc is currently working on book #2 of the Michael Biörn series.

My Thoughts(all opinions are 100% my own)   
I could not put the book down, had to keep turning the pages. I liked that the chapters were short and how all the story lines tied together. You will grow to love some characters and hate others. I laughed, felt mad, and felt triumph during the story.  Lots of potential for the characters to develop. Can not wait to read the next book in the series, looking forward to finding out what develops between  certain characters.I highly recommend this to anyone that likes supernatural stories. Will be passing along my copy to others to read.

To purchase your own copy you can go here:http://www.amazon.com/SHADOW-PACK-Michael-Bi%C3%B6rn-Daniel-ebook/dp/B00DWL9G2C/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1387315830&sr=1-1&keywords=shadow+pack
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